Action Pistol

Capt Kirk  Chris Caputo          AP Phil-Chris

On Monday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm, we shoot Action Pistol. This event is open to the public. First time shooters are welcomed and must pass a skill test. Minimum pistol caliber is 9mm. Safety is our top priority. Cost is $3 for members and $5 for non-members. The contact person is John Davidson at (302) 373-3237. A sample course of fire is as follow:

Stage 1: Knife to a gun fight

  • 2 Targets: T1 right, T2 middle
  • 8 Rounds x 1 Mag (5 shots)
  • Scenario: A pair of druggies taking up a collection turn violent when you refuse to fund their habit. Both pull edged weapons and start to advance. The first is so stoned that two body hits do not take him down.
  • Start: At P1 (5 yards), hands naturally at sides, facing T1
  • Procedure: On signal, retreat toward P2 (8 yards), firing a minimum of two body shots at each target. Re-engage T1 with a minimum of one head-shot from low cover at P2.
Stage 2: The bar is open
  • 3 Targets: T1 & T2 right, T3 far left
  • 8 Rounds x 2 Mags (12 shots)
  • Scenario: You are helping a buddy out at his place of business. While waiting on a customer at his bar, you are held up. You have little choice.
  • Start: At P1 (7 yards), both hands on the bar (coffin)
  • Procedure: On signal, draw and engage T1-T3 with 3 rounds each in Tactical Priority. Re-engage T1-T3 with 1 round to each head, reloading as necessary.
Stage 3: Fight your way to cover
  • 5 Targets: T1 & T2 on right, T3 (1/2), T4, T5 (1/2) on left
  • 8 Rounds x 2 Mags (15 shots)
  • Scenario: While walking across a parking lot, you are attacked by two thugs. When the two draw knives and advance, you must fight your way to cover. Once at cover, you find that they have friends.
  • Start: At P1 (5 yards), facing non-threat (right wall), hands naturally at sides
  • Procedure: On signal, from P1, engage targets T1 and T2 with 3 rounds each while retreating to P2 (12 yards). From cover at P2, engage T3-T5 with three rounds each.