Delaware Valley League

The Delaware Valley Pistol league has been in existence for over 40 years. Its purpose is to unite and link shooting clubs together through competition. Each club competes with each other twice, once home, once away, over the winter months (Sept-March). Each club is allowed to field 15 shooters, of which their 4 top scores are used to match the other teams 4 top scores. The team member goal is to make it to the top 4 spots. For questions contact Greg Barton at (302) 893-1146.

Member Clubs (directions):

Match Schedule: (.22; centerfire; shot at 50′)
  Strings time/string
Slow Fire  1 x 10 shots 10 min
Timed Fire  2 x 5 shots 20 sec
Rapid Fire  2 x 5 shots 10 sec

Conditions / Eligibility:

  • Open to all club members.
  • Signup is highly recommended.
  • No classification required. Scores can be sent in to NRA towards classification at seasons end.
  • NRA Conventional Pistol Rules will govern.
  • NRA Conventional Pistol classifications will be used.
  • Unclassified competitors will shoot in the Master Class (rule 19.7).


  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Recycling trophies
  • If a trophy can be captured 5 years in a row, it can be kept forever

General information:

  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are strictly prohibited!
  • SMOKING is not permitted indoors and on any firing line
  • Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) required. Will be provided if requested.
  • Targets are provided, numbered and changed by the home team.
  • Accommodations: Parking, Water, and Rest Room facilities are available on the range grounds.
  • Food: Will be provided for matches for a free will donation by the home team. A number of fast-food restaurants, diners, and convenience food stores are located 10 minutes from the ranges.