NRA Youth Rifle

Mary_shooting stand_prone2
On Saturdays from 08:30am-12:00pm, we offer a Junior Rifle program, which involves instruction in 22 caliber small bore rifle. For information, google JuniorRifleClub.
  • Teaches the basics and fine skills of rifle competition
  • Participants will continue the long standing tradition of shooting sports in America
  • Follows NRA guidelines
  • The course of fire is two 10 shot targets per round
  • 4 positions: sitting, kneeling, standing, and prone
  • The detailed course of fire is described here
Who can join
  • Juniors from ages 6-18
  • Parental approval is required
  • The parent may stay to observe.
  • Any student will be dismissed immediately for misconduct
  • The first session is free
  • Annual fee to join is $40 per year
  • A range ticket is $40 for twenty relays of 20 rounds each
  • Students typically complete 5 relays per week

  • We ask that you do not buy anything
  • All shooting equipment and safety equipment is provided
  • The rifles used are fitted to the shooter
  • We have high quality and standard match rifles
  • Sights are ‘micrometer’ rear and ‘globe’ front


  • Awards are provided by the Junior Rifle Club
  • Participants can qualify for NRA challenges
  • Each target will be recorded if qualified
  • Some Juniors have achieved the highest level, Distinguished Expert, which requires discipline, commitment and practice


  • The students are required to pass a safety training course prior to shooting
  • The participants are instructed in a safe and efficient manner
  • Participants will develop proper safety skills with firearms
  • All Instructors are NRA certified in Basic Rifle, Firearm Safety, and NRA match rifle shooting