Process to join DSPC

  • Complete and submit the Membership Application.
  • Please plan on attending the next Board of Directors meeting, held the 3rd Thursday of every month @ 7PM, where your application will be voted up or down.  You are required to attend this meeting in person (special circumstances will be considered).  Please bring this printed application signed and dated, a State recognized form of Identification, and your NRA Membership Card. We’ll also work with you to ensure you have the needed forms, send you copies of information you need to read and answer any questions.
  • The Board will vote on your membership request at the scheduled meeting.
  • Once the Board accepts your membership please see the Treasurer.  You will be required to pay a one-time initiation fee of $150.00 PLUS your annual dues ($100.00 if joining before March 31, $50.00 if joining after March 31) at the meeting.  Bring a check or cash.
  • After approval by the Board and paying your dues and initiation fee you will be an Associate Member of Delaware State Pistol Club, Inc.

Membership Types

  • Associate Member:  Can use the club facilities during any scheduled club activity or when accompanied by a Key Holding Member.  Please attend the Wednesday night new member open shooting.  During this time you will receive new member orientation and training.  Additionally club officials will learn about your shooting skills and safety.  Their sign-offs on your Membership Requirements form will be key for your becoming a Key Holding Member which grants you unlimited access to the facilities.
    • Spouse: Same as an Associate Member except you must be the spouse of an Associate, Key Holder, or Voting Member.
    • Junior Member: Same as an Associate Member except you must be a dependent of an Associate, Key Holder or Voting Member and be less than 21 years old.
  • Key Holder Member:  Key Holding Members must purchase one (1) building certificate and must pay full dues. Key Holding Members have all privileges except voting and holding office.Key Holding Members must have been an Associate Member for at least six (6) months and attend at least four (4) general membership meetings. Key Holding Members must be sponsored by three (3) Voting Members, be recommended by the Board of Directors and be approved by vote of the Voting Members present at a general membership meeting.
  • Voting Member:  Voting Members must pay full dues and purchase two (2) building certificates. Voting Members shall enjoy all Club privileges, may vote and hold office.The Voting Members are the highest authority of this Corporation and shall be empowered to take and direct any action not inconsistent with the Certificate of Incorporation, the Bylaws, state or federal law.

Please see the Bylaws for addition types of membership.