2700 Matches

Match Schedule: (.22; centerfire; 45 ACP; shot at 25 yds)

  Strings Time per String
Slow Fire
 2 x 10 shots
10 min
National Match Course
 1 x 10 shots
 2 x 5 shots
 2 x 5 shots
10 min
20 sec
10 sec
Timed Fire
 4 x 5 shots
20 sec
Rapid Fire
 4 x 5 shots
10 sec
Relay Starting Times: (squads using NRA classification)
  • Outdoors: Sat/Sun 9 am; 20 shooters/relay
  • Indoors: Sat/Sun 8 am & 1 pm; 10 shooters/relay, (if necessary: Fri 7 pm)
Sanctioned by: 
  • National Rifle Association
  • Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association
  • New Match Shooter Program
 Conditions / Eligibility:
  • Open to all shooters.
  • NRA Conventional Pistol Rules will govern.
  • NRA Conventional Pistol classifications will be used.
  • Unclassified competitors will shoot in the Master Class (rule 19.7).
Entry Fees: (checks, cash, NRA award points)
  • One gun (900): $20
  • Two guns (1800): $30
  • Three guns (2700): $35
  • State Championships: $40
  • Challenge fee: $1 (rule 16)
  • Awards will be given to the open winners in each of the 16 matches.
  • A first place award will be given provided there are 4 or more competitors in a class.
  • A second place award will be given provided there are 9 competitors in a class.
General information:
  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are strictly prohibited!
  • SMOKING is not permitted indoors and on any firing line
  • Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) required. Will be provided if requested.
  • Repairing Targets: Staple guns will be required as competitors will repair their own targets.
  • Accommodations: Parking, Water, and Rest Room facilities are available on the range grounds.
  • Food: Will be provided for matches for a free will donation. A number of fast-food restaurants, diners, and convenience food stores are located 10 minutes from both ranges on Route 13.
New Match Shooter Program:
  • There is no substitute for match shooting to improve your bullseye pistol skills.
  • We want new/unclassified shooters to shoot in matches.
  • Shoot any or all guns (22, CF, 45) for just $5/gun!
  • Your score will not be posted and you can choose to have your scores sent to the NRA to establish your classification.
  • This is an inexpensive way to gain match experience and NRA classification. (Subject to match space availability.)

Sign up by using the link in the navigation bar, or by email with Greg Barton or by phone at (302) 893-1146.